Some groups have discovered that growing an engaged online audience has less to do with producing great content than it does with establishing a community of individuals who have fresh ideas. Here are some tips on how that kind of community audience can be grown organically.

Community Managers

One of the most important steps you can take toward creating a vital, fresh community with great online engagement, is to put in place the right kind of managers for your group. These people need to be motivated and driven to succeed, and they need to have great people skills.

Personalized Support

When members have problems, any support delivered should be personalized to their circumstances, as opposed to a pre-made response that usually doesn’t even apply. Members feel much more cared for, like valued persons in the overall group.

New Member Onboarding

Right from the beginning, new members should be made to feel special, so a series of welcome messages should be sent to them, and they should be gradually introduced to group culture, so they can easily absorb it all.

Develop a Community Culture

Listen to exchanges between members, and when certain phrases or concepts pop up repeatedly, incorporate them into your group culture. This is a great way to develop online engagement and a unique community culture that will differentiate your group from others.

Identify Moderators

Moderators should be chosen who can maintain the community culture faithfully, and who can encourage others to increase their online engagement, adopting those principles as well.

Identify Power Users

These individuals are the ones who are typically the most active, and who tend to have the most input into the direction of your community group. The feedback and the ideas expressed by your power users can often be used as direction for your group.

Create Content Matching Your Group Interests

Understanding the kind of content which matches your group’s interests can help immensely with greater online engagement of individuals, and creating that kind of content will help to establish your online niche.

Encourage Community-Related Discussion

Encouraging discussion among community members is another great way to foster an increased online audience, and then monitoring those discussions for important feedback can help the community grow and become closer.

Reach Out to Other Groups

It’s a good idea to build relationships with other communities like your own and to establish ties with specific brands that may have relevance to your community.

Use Engagement Metrics

To find out how well you’re doing with encouraging online engagement, establish KPI’s and measure them periodically. Such metrics as opinions expressed by users daily can tell a lot about how engaged your members are.

Use Community Management Tools

There are tons of technology tools available these days which can help with managing your community. You should make use of some of these, to make it easier to manage your group, and to help keep it fresh and vital.