The makeup of your landing page is critical to accomplishing what you hope to achieve when visitors come, which is to extract personal information from them so you can eventually obtain a conversion. This means you have to do everything possible to make your landing page appealing and relevant to visitors, so they won’t immediately abandon the site when you ask for personal data. Here are some ways you can increase landing page conversions.

Use Whitespace Effectively

When you make your landing page too crowded, chances are a visitor won’t spend any time bothering to find something important on the page. The area around your call-to-action should especially be uncluttered, so visitors can be automatically drawn to it, sitting in a nice pool of whiteness. Leave plenty of whitespace around the important components of your landing page if you want them to stand out and be noticed.

Directional Cues

Whatever kind of important information you display on your landing page should be very easy to find, but you shouldn’t leave it to chance. Include arrows or other indicators which point directly at your most critical page elements, so users don’t have to guess about what’s important. Sure, it’s not very subtle, but you don’t have much time or opportunity to get visitors’ attention, so be as subtle as a cannonball and point them right to the areas you want them to see.

Line of Sight Cues

Another very effective way of directing users to specific areas of your landing page is to include ‘line of sight’ cues. These commonly consist of visuals wherein one or more people are looking in a very specific direction – right at your important page element. There is a natural human tendency to follow the line of sight which others are staring at, and it will work that way for visitors to your landing page as well. By including some human faces which are looking at a specific point on the page, you’ll be encouraging all site visitors to do the same.