Because consumers have access to so many options today, it can be difficult for e-commerce businesses to stand out. However, standing out becomes much easier for businesses that use the four social media strategies listed in this article.

Split Test Constantly

Split testing is a way to take advantage of one of social media marketing’s biggest advantages: the ability to analyze data over time to see what is working and what is not. With split testing, you can isolate certain traits to see what type of people your brand resonates with. For instance, you can see if people from a certain geographic area or age group are responding well to a particular type of ad. From there, you can adjust your strategy as necessary.

Connect via Live Video

Live video is one of the most underused social media strategies, especially since Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube all offer ways to do it. Virtually any business can make use of live video, whether by hosting a chat to talk to customers, unveiling a new product, or showing the business’s workers in action. If you’re looking for inspiration, entrepreneur Neil Patel has posted a list of 19 live video ideas.

Use Facebook Conversion Tracking

Facebook conversion tracking is a way to consistently reach target customers multiple times, which is important, because customers may need to hear from you several times before making a purchase. In particular, the Facebook pixel tool lets your business track ad performance and target your ads at the people most likely to be receptive to them. You can learn more about using Facebook pixel here.

Leverage Micro-Influencers

Making use of micro-influencers is another one of the best social media strategies. Micro-influencers are active on social media and have followers numbering between 10,000 and 500,000, as defined by Forbes writer Barrett Wissman. Regardless of the precise number of followers, micro-influencers can be useful thanks to their deep connections with their audience. A positive review from a micro-influencer can go a long way toward winning potential customers over.