Video marketing can bring lots of attention to your content, brand and website. Depending upon the nature of your business, professional quality, scripted clips may not be needed. Consider creating short videos showing your business behind the scenes, recorded on your phone, for example. How-to videos are another popular avenue you might explore–and this is just the tip of the iceberg for video content options.

Here are the top reasons why creating this vibrant type of content is worthwhile. Videos can be:

  • Great sales tools. There’s no better way to demo your product or help to explain a complex service you provide. Visuals with motion irresistibly draw the eye.
  • Low budget. The message you’re expressing through your clip is most important. If that is clear, problem-solving and/or shows a sense of humor, it can benefit your business. Use your smartphone and free editing tools, commission a professional piece, or start somewhere in between.
  • Search engine friendly. Producing and posting clips can boost your position in search engine results. That means you’ll get noticed by more prospects on Google. You’ll potentially gain more website visitors, more social media followers, and more sales conversions.
  • Ideal for mobile. Most of your audience will interact with your brand on their mobile device, at least part of the time. Video looks terrific on mobile screens.
  • Showcases for personality and emotion. These are strong attractors, which help vividly differentiate your products or services from your competitors.
  • Good for explaining. Product demos, for example, often work best on video. The format also helps you communicate more complex product/service features.
  • Easy guides for prospects and buyers. People want to be led, especially if it’s done quickly, and to the right product or solution for their problem(s). Visual content can lead prospects directly to your most relevant service/product.
  • Exciting and motivational. Video is eminently sharable. It’s exciting, clever and simple to understand (ideally). Sharing it makes the sharer look clever while expanding your reach and validating your brand.

Post video content on each product page of your website. Use clips alongside your blog posts, on social media, on your own YouTube channel, and more. 

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