When thinking about generating leads from your website, you need to ask yourself two very basic questions. Why should someone become a lead? What am I giving them that might convert them not just into a lead but into a qualified lead?

Here are six ideas to help you get more conversions.

1. Create Relevant Content

Target wha content your visitors see based on the categories being visited. Send users very relevant content follow-ons or popups according to the initial content that they’re reading.

2. Supply Case Studies

Providing appropriate case studies and testimonials will help with qualified lead conversions. This practice shows your target customers what you have done for others and what you could do for them.

3. Use Thank You Pages

After someone follows a lead magnet, immediately offer them another specific action on your thank you page. This might be watching a webinar, downloading a guide, or signing up for a free consultation.

4. Create Multiple-Step Lead Forms

Asking for a small amount of information at a time is much more inviting than requesting everything at once. Also, try turning your lead form into something more fun to fill out. For example: Hi my name is _____ and my e-mail is _____. I’m looking for you to help me with _____.

5. Upgrade Your Call to Action Buttons

Avoid the unfriendly-sounding word Submit. A CTA should highlight a benefit. For example: Get Information; Start my Free 30 Day Trial; Create My Account and Get Started.

6. Pay Attention to Lead Scoring

Each qualified lead should be given a lead score based on your ideal buyer profile. Then you can reach out to anyone with a high lead score.

Your Sales Funnel Should be Long

Sending prospects down a really long sales funnel and segmenting them every step of the way will produce many more qualified leads. If you need assistance, Heartland Digital Marketing is here to help you improve your lead conversion strategy. Arrange a free consultation with us today.