It is difficult to imagine that hundreds of millions of people can view the content you share to Twitter, but that is a reality. The platform has more than three hundred million users and is one of the hottest spots for marketing. In fact, Twitter advertising is remarkably effective, with videos offering far more views than images or textual tweets.

How to Make a Winning Video for Twitter

Of course, the challenge comes with figuring out how to make the very most of this type of Twitter advertising. Don’t worry, we have a handful of tips that can help you create the most memorable and appealing video advertisements for your Twitter campaign.

5 Top Tips for Twitter Advertising Success

So, what should you do in order to get the best response to your Twitter advertising videos? We suggest the following:

  • Go Visual and Forget Audio – Skip creating ads that say, “Click for Sound”. It is annoying and wasteful. Just focus on visually appealing imagery, good branding, and use captions if you want a clear message.
  • Incorporate Your Demographic – If your ad can feature humans, make sure they align directly with the demographic. Gender, age, race, background…match it up to speak more strongly to the audience.
  • Count on Close Ups – Most Twitter users are mobile, so your video should be up close to make the most of the tiny screen space allowed.
  • Skip Advertising – Don’t go for the pitch. Your audience is full up on that approach. Why not create a humorous, informational or otherwise different video that engages rather than sells?
  • Rely on Hashtags – You should promote video ads with the strongest hashtags that relate to them – but limit this to ten or less.

Though Facebook is still the reigning king of social media, Twitter is not far behind. You can even find yourself more engaged with your audience on this platform, especially if you use the video ad tips we’ve given here.