While you might think that inspiration for web design comes from out of the blue, and always results in all new and totally innovative design, the truth is that even the most creative web designs are developed as a result of scanning through a whole host of ideas already on the Internet.

That being the case, there are a number of sources on the Internet which can provide some very stimulating ideas, which can develop into truly awesome web designs.

Website galleries

There are number of galleries on the Internet which contain endless ideas for great web design, no matter which features you might be interested in. Site Inspire is one of the best of these, offering examples of practically every web design and creation. Crayon.co is a site where you’ll find tons of ideas for designers interested in inbound marketing, and in total it has more than 13 million pages you can model your design from.

Awards websites

The great thing about awards websites is that using them can dramatically shorten your search time for a really terrific website design. All of the designs on such websites have either been nominated for an award or have actually won an award in some specific category. That means you’re always dealing with the best of the best, as determined by industry experts. If you’re looking for a fast solution to finding some really creative and excellent website design, you should check out AWWWARDS, or one of the other great awards websites on the Internet.

Artist galleries

Although you won’t always find full websites displayed on artist gallery sites, you’ll certainly find some very useful and sometimes spectacular components that you can work into your own website design. Artist galleries are filled with online portfolios of other designers’ inspirations, and it’s very likely that while you’re viewing some of these, you’ll also be inspired. Check out Dribbble, or any of the other artist galleries on the Internet to find some dazzling building blocks that you can incorporate into your web design.