As the internet continues to become the primary way to advertise and target customers, it’s only natural that business and marketing methods will change to reflect that. Digital marketing trends are the wave of the future when it comes to promoting and providing basic customer service. Here are the top new trends for 2019.


Take Advantage of Chatbots for Basic Customer Needs


Chatbots offer a cheap, simple, and stress-free approach for customer service assistance. When integrated with a company website, the chatbots can easily find a customer’s ordering history. Bots make it possible to interact with a customer right away. Unlike the human-to-human experience, which can include frustration, chat bots always have a neutral and easy-going attitude. This is one of the most cost-effective ways of improving customer service and making it easier to close a sale.


Using Influencers to Promote a Product is Top Among Digital Marketing Trends


Many people are reluctant to purchase a product or service they’ve never used before. Hearing the testimonial of someone who has purchased from a company can encourage those who were previously on the fence. Influencers are simply normal people who occasionally post and talk about the company on their social media. Many get discounts or free product, and because they’re an everyday person instead of a celebrity, many people perceive their testimony as honest. Consider taking this route to encourage sales and save money.


Social Media Stories for Real-Life Demonstration


Both Facebook and Instagram stories are popular with folks who want to take a peek into the lives of others. This could be anyone from well-known bloggers to friends and family. Using the stories feature in social media is a useful way to quickly demo a product or service without making a commitment. A no-pressure atmosphere makes people feel comfortable learning more. This also provides a great opportunity to showcase employees and give the company a personal feel.


Today’s digital marketing trends focus on building relationships with customers. From answering questions in a timely manner with the help of chatbots to demonstrating real-life use of products and services those social media stories, there’s no shortage of ways to reach out. Marketing online offers an easy way to get products and services in front of new people for a low cost. As we head in to 2019, it’s time to make use of these trends to grow business to a new level.