Understanding Google can be difficult because of the constant changes to the algorithm. But here is the key thing to remember: Google is always aiming to prioritize content. Because of that, content creators will always be a real part of your advertising strategy. Despite fallacious arguments about focusing on what “the search engines” are looking for, Google is designed to look past that. If you are trying to design a blog about what Google thinks is content-proper, you’re making a terrible long term mistake.

Google is designed to capture our thoughts. Are your thoughts ready for the market?

As a business owner, your thought process is simple: how do I get more customers? But to Google’s AI, this doesn’t make sense. Everyone wants more customers, no? So the key to success with Google is differentiation.

Suppose everyone is advertising the services you are advertising. How do you win? Perhaps it’s using something like AdWords to get ahead of the pack. But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could get ahead of the pack by showing that you are the leader in your field? That is where content comes in. Organic content has been statistically shown to improve your search standings dramatically. 

Your content is your online curriculum vitae. It says what you have done, and further what you can do. This is why content managers are so important. They can take the value that your company provides and turn it into valid, ready content for what Google is looking for. It’s not just about what you’ve done. It’s about what is in your realm of possibility. Your content shows as much about who you are as it does what you do. 

In the race to be at the top of your own targeted searching, organic content will always be the differentiator that puts you ahead of the pack. So don’t just add content to “do it”– make it meaningful and worth a reader’s time, and turn your content consumers into your new clients.