Marketing could be looked at simply as “just another organizational function.” It could be considered as “just those folks that create the crazy ads.” The truth is that marketing is (or should be) at the heart of every business organization.

What is Marketing Anyway?

Marketing might be simply defined as an organization’s combined efforts to sell products or services. But, it is much more than ads and communications. Marketing is actually fundamental to the entire business. Without marketing, you don’t have a ‘driver;’ you don’t have a business.

What Does Marketing Do?

The following list (not all-inclusive) illustrates the power and importance of marketing:

  • Defines the brand. Marketing identifies and creates or draws together all aspects of the business that make up the brand, it’s personality and performance attributes. Essentially, this involves what a business stands for and what is said about the brand. 
  • Identifies the target market. That is, who your potential customers are. Further, researching and understanding what customers think and how they act. 
  • Frames up the means and messages that the salesforce will use in interacting with its customers. 
  • Develops and manages all messaging. This includes the traditional aspects of advertising, online and digital marketing, public relations, social media, and promotional materials. It’s about both awareness and persuasion. 
  • Assists with the development of new products or services, and the presentation thereof.  

Beyond these, marketing frames up the personality and generates the energy and vitality of the business. Marketing is often described as the “workhorse” or “engine” of the business. Without good marketing that is well-embraced, an organization just “goes through the motions” of progress.

Is This True for Large and Small Businesses?

Yes! Obviously, the budgets and types of activities will differ, based on business size, industry and business life stage, but the need for marketing and the effects of marketing are the same.

The most successful businesses have a well-established, well-supported, well-embraced, well-led marketing organization.