Marketing has often been referred to as the “lifeblood” of an organization. That’s not “brag-speak.” Rather, it’s an accurate assessment that the functions and impact of marketing are crucial to the success of any business organization. And, in today’s marketing world, a digital marketing agency is a valuable resource you’ll want to integrate with your marketing team.

The Functions of Marketing and its Effects

Marketing provides essential business functions. Four functions have traditionally been called the “marketing mix:” product, price, place, and promotion.

“Promotion” represents the most commonly thought-of marketing activities including advertising, promotion and public relations, as well as on-going customer relations and communications. Your digital marketing agency will play a key role here.

Marketing also has strong interactions with other functions of the business:

  • Supply chain. Will you have enough of the right inventory to meet your marketing demand and the response of the sales team?
  • Distribution. Can your distribution system meet the delivery needs and timing of the selling function?
  • Finance. If your marketing is to be successful, it will need to be properly budgeted and funded and the product or service pricing structure strategically executed to deliver satisfying profit margins.
  • Human resources. Do you have adequate marketing (and other well-staffed departments) to meet your needs?

Critical Marketing and Sales Interactions

Marketing, particularly with its strong digital efforts, will need to provide an on-going level of inbound leads for the sales team to process. Both marketing and sales teams need to be well-connected to ensure that both marketing and sales efforts are well-coordinated, workloads are balanced and that sales efforts are robust and well-executed.

Today’s digital marketing orientation thrives on data. You’ll want to capture data on such aspects as search terms, calls, clicks, and conversions. These data points can be shared throughout the organization. Your digital marketing agency will provide critical assistance with data acquisition and analysis.

Marketing Delivers

As you look at your entire organization, marketing delivers the customer strategy, the energy, and with your digital marketing agency, successful business results.