A big part of good sales is relationship-building.

Just about anyone can push people to buy once, but the better ones put effort into keeping every customer satisfied and continuing to buy. They also focus on finding the ideal audience rather than whoever might want to buy.

This skill of lead nurturing is vital especially if it’s your goal to not only keep customers around but encourage them to buy in the future.

Doing so requires knowledge of and passion for your products and services, but understanding the science of lead nurturing. This involves finding and targeting prospects and figuring the right time to nudge them to go to the next level.

Drilling this deep into the metrics of effective sales can feel confusing but it’s really just an updated approach of what good salespeople have been doing for years: finding people, learning what they want, and giving it to them.

Try these strategies to up your lead nurturing efforts.

  • Ideal fit. What’s the persona of the ideal customer? What challenges is he or she having? What products or services do they need or want? What kind of budget do they have? Are they a gatekeeper or decision-maker? All of these can guide you in how you approach them. 
  • Ideal interest. This involves researching people’s activity, whether it’s current or prospective customers. What areas of your site are they visiting? How long are they staying? How are they getting to your site, such as different social media channels or ad campaigns? 
  • Ideal behavior. When they are online what are they asking for? What are common questions or concerns from your customer service team? What makes them comment on social media or click on a blog post? This could be specific language or a useful offer. 
  • Every customer is different going from “this is interesting” to “I want more info” to “I want to buy.” One suggestion is to keep things slow to build up this demand and let them know they made the right decision.  

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