A strong local SEO (search engine optimization) strategy helps your business appear higher in local organic SERPS (search engine results pages). Search results feature local businesses based upon increasingly common search terms like “lunch in Los Angeles” or “hardware near me.” Google also delivers local results matching your current known location, even if the community name is not entered. Proper local SEO is powerful; it helps you get noticed by these online searchers in nearby areas—just at the moment they’re actively seeking your product or service. 

Choosing the Best Local SEO Keywords 

Select local keywords by looking at your existing customers, and by considering which other geographic areas you would like to target for more business. You can include overlapping keywords that cover your region of the US, your county, city, and town. You should also use neighborhood keywords, and even add unofficial keywords that only locals would know. 

Sometimes your local, neighborhood keywords evolve and change over time, as certain parts of the city develop. Be sure to revisit your local SEO strategy as time passes, and as you expand your business’ sales territory. It’s also helpful to include local landmarks, like shopping malls, parks or lakes. You should include any words that a user might enter into the search box on Google, like “plumber near Peoria”.

Improving Local Search Rankings with NAP Listings, Reviews, and Backlinks

To add credibility with online searchers and search engines:

  • Make sure you have a Google My Business page, with consistent NAP (name, address and phone) on it, on your website, on social media, and across all directories. You can list with industry directories (for instance, justia.com for attorneys), plus Yellowpages, Bing, MapQuest and more. 
  • Ask for reviews on Yelp, Google, etc. 
  • Earn backlinks to your website by creating expert content, issuing press releases to (or writing for/appearing on) local media. Ask partner businesses for backlinks and consider a non-profit sponsorship, where your logo or business name links to your website.  

Now is the time to sharpen up your local SEO to maximize organic search results, increase web traffic and grow your business. For expert assistance with online marketing, contact Heartland Digital Marketing today.