In the past, what people thought of you and your brand didn’t matter that much provided they kept on doing business with you.

That’s because it wasn’t always easy for other people to see what the world thinks of you, positively or negatively. Although they could certainly let you in person or tell their friends, it wasn’t like today when any thoughts could be published online so the entire world can potentially know.

That’s why the skill of brand reputation management is so vital. It requires not just making sure your brand is always seen as positive, but that any questions are answered quickly and any negative views are also countered.

Effective brand reputation management consists of two elements: the items you can control and the items you can’t control.

The first part deals with making sure everyone in your company follow your brand guidelines and brand voice in any outreach efforts. This can include logos and certain phrases, which can all have a role in familiarity and general public perception.

All of these areas can be carefully planned out and make sure all the company’s key points are emphasized.

The other component is monitoring online activity and responding when appropriate; it’s more of a philosophy rather than something you can try to get a handle on. Basically, since your brand is potentially everywhere, it’s impossible to respond everywhere.

Once these differences are established, you and your team can continue practicing and developing better brand reputation management efforts which can include:

  • Regular meetings to discuss effective messaging
  • Planning future content strategies to put your brand forward
  • Recapping positive and negative interactions and your responses
  • Looking for appropriate opportunities to present positive messages
  • Looking for new channels to get your brand noticed in your community
  • Studying what your competition is doing to get their brand out and market themselves differently than you

Certainly, some of these are easier than others especially when done on a regular basis. But even the more challenging ones can be useful for the reputation of your organization.

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