Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for drawing visitors to your website’s content.

Keep reading to find out several tips and tricks you can use in this area.

Tip 1: See How You’re Doing

To see where your SEO efforts stand, it is important to check up on how your search standings are performing. The Google toolbar and Alexa are two tools available for this. To find out how your visitors are reaching your site, you can also use your site’s referrer log.

Tip 2: Use Keywords

Keywords are important for driving traffic to your site. For example, if you run a plumbing business, it is helpful to include words and phrases like “plumbing” and “plumbing services” in your content. However, be careful not to overdo it: Overuse of keywords can sound artificial. It can also damage your standing on search engines if a page becomes marked as spam. It is particularly important to use keywords in your page headers and title tags. You can also modify your pages’ URLs to include keywords.

Tip 3: Use Links

As you build your website’s content, have your pages link back to other content on the site. For example, if an article you post briefly touches on a service your company offers, link to the relevant page on your site about that service.

According to PC World, another SEO method is to have “other, well-regarded sites” link to yours. To put this in action, you can ask webmasters from prominent, relevant sites to link to your page. (However, keep in mind that asking competitors’ sites for such a favor may not be worth your time.)

Tip 4: Update Frequently

Content generation is another way to boosting your standing on search engines. If your site frequently posts new content, users will find your site more relevant and search engines will treat it more favorably. One way to do this is through adding a blog.