Part of what a lot of people like about Twitter is that it’s simple. The feed isn’t as crowded as Facebook so scrolling can go much faster.

In many ways, marketing your business on Twitter is also significantly easier. You may not have access to a lot of analytic information but you can still spread your message and brand far and get it in front of potential customers.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of complex planning or organization either—sometimes that best way to let people know what you’re about is to produce regular contenter.

Yes, your Tweets will be with all of the other ones in the Twitter-verse, but if you keep on putting out regular interesting Tweets, more people will read, enjoy, Retweet, and encourage their friends to follow.

Other strategies for effective business promotion include:

Keep things simple. Though businesses instinctively want to include a lot of details in every Tweet, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of a  busy Tweet full of hashtags, links and abbreviations, consider breaking it up into multiple Tweets.  This way you won’t overwhelm people, and if readers are interested, they’ll read it all.

Include calls to action. Because social media outreach is relatively new,  some content creators don’t always remember to include information in each Tweet. You can include a link to a site, blog post or landing page for more info about whatever you’re discussing.

Make it conversational. Part of what people like about Twitter is that it’s more casual than most other channels. So try not to be especially formal or professional when creating your Tweets so you don’t come across as stiff or boring.  Make it feel more like a casual conversation among friends.

Feel free to engage. One mistake newcomers to Twitter make is to create a post and then move onto to what you want to say in your next post. Keep doing this but also take the effort to respond to any comments so everyone can see.

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