Display ads are ubiquitous in modern online advertising. However, their prevalence also causes most of them to blend in with the multitude of other distractions that beset the internet. Unless these ads are startlingly dynamic, most potential customers ignore them.

Here are some strategies to ensure that your display ads receive an appropriate amount of attention.

Use High-Quality Images

Whether your display ad features illustrations or photographs, your images as well as your text and logos should be clear and sharp. Despite the typically small size of the ads on a screen, images with a high degree of clarity give an impression of quality that will be passed on to your products or services.

Maintain Simplicity

Many companies make the mistake of attempting to cram as much into display ads as possible, thinking that this helps them recoup their investment. However, clarity of message and simplicity of design will convey a positive impression about your products or services much better than a clutter of material.

Define the Borders

Make your display ad stand out by giving it clearly defined borders. Bring your images or colors all the way to the edge. If any of the edges have white borders, define them by adding a frame of gray. This causes your advertisement to stand out better from its background.

Emphasize Your Brand

If you are creating a series of display ads, maintain consistency among them that inspires brand recognition. Consistency in advertising creates a uniform impression of your brand that promotes trust and loyalty.

Focus on Your Target Audience

Avoid the temptation to make your display ads too generic. Instead, get to know the target audience for your products or services, and focus your ads on this key demographic. Potential customers tend to be attracted to images and messages that appeal to themselves and their unique situations.

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