If you’re a fan of Twitter, you already know that it’s faster-paced than a lot of other social networks. It’s a great place to have conversations and easily respond to other members, whether they have one follower or millions.

It’s also becoming a place that businesses need to be: there’s an active, engaged audience and members are often receptive to learning more about great deals. So a smart Twitter marketing campaign is essential.

There are certain do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when planning your Twitter marketing efforts. For instance, as with any social media platform, focus on telling, not selling.

This effectively means that you’ll get more positive attention from prospective customers and clients if you engage in conversation and share items  of interest, rather than saying “Buy from us.” (You can subtly slip a few of these in on rare occasions.)

Other strategies for effective Twitter marketing include:

  • Include photos. Twitter is very visual so a great photo can grab attention as users scroll by. Photos can also educational – maybe something that shows your product or services in action.
  • Include text. Vary your postings with some that don’t have any visuals with them. These information-based posts can teach your followers interesting info.
  • Share what you’re learning. Although your average Twitter user can get fired up over any sort of ‘opinion’ posts, they also might be patient with you if you admit to trying something different or trying to get the hang of new tools. This also goes to your reputation.
  • Be unique. Though you should cross-promote big news on several channels, save some exclusives for your Twitter followers.  
  • Post anytime but say why you’re posting. This is another way of saying, “don’t just post for any reason.” Create a post if it’s a holiday, special occasion or you and your company has a great announcement to share. You can even have fun with this, like sharing a friendly message on an obscure (or even made-up!) holiday. This can even lead to fun reTweets.

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