Are you ready to invest in SEO for your website? This is a big step, and let’s face it, not all websites have reached the point where they are ready to embark on a full-scale SEO campaign. What you have to think about is – when is the time right for you and your business?

This is a good question. Here you can learn what you need to think about and consider to ensure your website is ready for an SEO campaign.

Is Your Website Functioning Properly and Efficiently?

If you have a website that is relatively small, you can go through manually to make sure everything is working as it should. Remember, this includes everything on your site – the download features, contact forms, CTA buttons, calculators, etc. If your site is too big to do this manually, there are several tools you can use to handle this for you. Regardless of what method you choose to use, take some time to do this. If everything isn’t working properly, then you are not ready for SEO.

Update or “Fix” the Design on Your Website

Up to 46 percent of the people visiting your website says that the design is the top criteria they use to figure out if your company seems credible. If you want to ensure your website is viewed as credible, there are certain things that your website must do or accomplish. This includes things like having an easy to use and intuitive navigation system, a good level of contrast between your background and text colors, quality images, and a comfortable layout. If it doesn’t, make changes now, before investing in SEO. You don’t want people to land on your site, hate the way it looks or functions and bounce away immediately, right?

Make Sure You Are Ready for Content

Do you have products to sell? If so, that’s great; however, this doesn’t mean that you need to simply list all your products on your site and call it a day. You have to invest in content. This means figuring out what your customers want, the information they are looking for, and how you can fulfill these wants and needs. Take time to answer their questions and become a go-to source of information in the industry.

Before investing in an expensive SEO campaign for your website, make sure you are ready. You can do so by using the tips and information found here.