Generating more leads to a website is the desire of every marketer. Tools such as Hello Bar and Sumo Me have proven to be useful in collecting more emails and takeovers or specific pop-ups for certain pages, respectively. Here are practical ways to generate and convert more qualified leads.

Identifying a Qualified Lead

You need to figure out why someone should become a lead. It is vital to ask your visitors questions politely. If a client says they want kitchen ideas, lead them to your article about kitchen makeover. Find someone who is going to appreciate your content and share the link with friends.

Create Content that Visitors Want

It is crucial to create content that visitors want. Target people based on the categories that they are visiting. Instead of using general lead magnets, use a specific e-book or video unique to a visitor’s needs.

Drive Your Visitors to Targeted Case Studies

One effective way to convert readers to qualified leads is by sending them to case studies and testimonials before anything else. For example, if your website sells skincare products, include links to articles explaining how to do it right and testimonials from previous customers. This tip will give you more qualified leads.

Take Advantage of Thank You Pages

After people opt-in for a lead magnet, it is vital to ask them to take another specific action on the thank you page. This could be watching a webinar or signing up for free consultation. If your article is relatable to their needs, they will quickly take action.

Pay Attention to Lead Scoring

When visitors are getting qualified, they get lead scores. Lead generation is more natural when you reach out to people with a lead score above 80.

Break Lead Forms into Multiple Steps

Do not put all your lead forms on a single page. Have the first page asking for email and name. After they have hit the enter button, the next page will have a segment asking for a URL and phone number. Breaking lead forms into multiple steps ensures it is not overwhelming for visitors, and it guarantees you lead generation.

Turn Lead Forms into Mad Libs

Turing your lead into a single fill-in journey can significantly help your website. Ask the prospect to fill out their name, their website URL and the products or services they need. Ensure the sentence is friendly for visitors.

Generating qualified leads and increasing conversion rates is vital if you have a website. You can implement these tips to get a lift in lead generation.