Paid advertising can be part of your overall marketing strategy, but it can be hard to know where to start. Your pay per click (PPC) campaign can help your brand awareness by targeting your audience. But you need to understand the basics of PPC to use it effectively in your overall marketing strategy.

What Is PPC?

With PPC, your company pays for ad placement, typically in search engine list rankings, and pay for every person that clicks on your link. You can target certain keywords to get visitors to your site. A good PPC campaign is relevant to the customer and provides good information when the user clicks through. You have to be set up to convert the searcher into a customer. You can’t go into PPC without some thought and preparation.

Know Your Objectives

With PPC, you will see more immediate results than you might with organic content marketing. With PPC, you can choose the target demographic and keywords that you want to target. When you have a sale or want to reach out to more customers, PPC can help you build momentum. However, you must have a website that is ready to accept customers into your sales pipeline to get them to buy. Know what you want to accomplish with your marketing campaign before you start.

Have a Budget

A PPC campaign can be effective, but you do need to know your budget going in. You don’t want a surprise bill at the end of your campaign. Google AdWords is one of the best places to start with a PPC campaign, but you should know your customers and how they find your business. The most popular keywords cost the most, typically, so think about how to maximize your budget by choosing the keywords that convert the best.

A PPC campaign works most effectively when it’s part of a marketing strategy built to grow your business. Work with a professional marketer to make the most of your advertising dollars.