Depending on if it’s good or bad, the user experience (UX) can make or break a website, application, or product. This post goes over why UX is so important and how businesses can about improving it.

Why Is It Important?

The UX is important because it plays a huge role in how potential customers will interact with your business. For example, if you’ve ever given up on buying a product from a business because it had a frustrating checkout process or unclear product descriptions, then bad UX cost that business a sale.

On the other hand, think about your favorite websites or apps to use: It’s likely they make it easy to navigate around and accomplish the tasks you want to. That is good UX, and it keeps you engaged. It can do the same for a business’s customers.

Making a Great UX

When a business is trying to create a great UX, it is essential to keep in mind that the customers’ needs are the most important consideration. Put another way in an article from Google on strong design: It’s not important what your business wants to do. Instead, good UX helps customers do what they want to do. 

Therefore, businesses need to think like the customers they want to reach. For instance, if you’re working on your business’s website’s UX, helpful questions to ask yourself include:

  • When they come to my business’s website, what are customers looking for?
  • What actions do they want to take?
  • How many steps does it take for them to take those actions? Can we make it easier for them?

Another helpful tactic is to interview customers. Even if someone has made repeated purchases from your business’s website, they might have suggestions for how to make the process easier. An additional tactic is to study what your competitors do. Ask yourself: What works well in terms of their UX? What mistakes can you learn to avoid them?

Once you put in the effort to make a strong UX, you’ll likely notice that your customers are interacting with your business more than ever before.