If you’ve been thinking about a web design overhaul, you may be wondering about how to go about it. Design can be expensive, and it can be hard to justify the cost of a redesign if you don’t have statistics to show that your website is an integral part of generating revenue for the organization. So how do you determine the ROI on an overhaul?

The Costs of a Web Design Overhaul

A web design overhaul can be expensive, especially depending on what you want to accomplish. Do you need to freshen up your design but keep the content the same? Are you looking for completely new user experience? Has your organization changed and you need to start completely over? The more that needs to change for your web design, the higher the costs involved. Additional costs can also be added if you invest in marketing experts to help decide how to make changes rather than deciding yourself and working with a designer. In addition, the costs involved depend on who you get help from. If you work with an independent designer or freelancer, you’re likely to get a redesign at a lower cost. If you work with a large firm, it’s likely to cost more. These are all factors that have to be considered in the costs of your overhaul.

The Benefits of a Web Design Overhaul

Along with the costs of the overhaul, you have to think about the benefits you will get from going through the process. A strong website is essential for business success. Not only does it provide information and showcase what you have to offer, but a website is also part of your company’s brand identity. Potential customers get a sense of what your company is about and whether or not it matches what they need and want based on your web presence. The stronger your website is and more aligned it is with your organization’s values and message, the more revenue it can help provide for your business. Conversely, if your website isn’t strong, you could turn potential customers off and lose out on revenue for your company.

Ultimately, your web design is not a good place to try and save money. While the costs of a design overhaul can vary greatly based on what you need and who provides the services, cutting corners will not benefit your organization. The money you can generate in revenue from a strong web presence can far outweigh the initial investment of the redesign.