The quality of a website can determine the performance of your business. Nowadays, most clients visit a company’s website before buying a product or service. Therefore, if you have an outdated web design, you need an upgrade it before you lose clients to your competitors. The design of your website can break or make your brand. You need to know when to redesign your website. Here is why it might be time to refresh the design of your site.

1. Your Site Isn’t Mobile Responsive

It is time to refresh your website if you are receiving complaints from clients that they can’t access it using their mobile phones. Most people do all activities on their mobile phones, and you are at a disadvantage if your site is not mobile-friendly. Besides, Google penalizes websites that are not mobile responsive, and this reduces the chances of having visitors to your site. You can solve this problem by refreshing your web design to make it mobile-friendly.

2. It Is Not Generating Leads

If customers are not heading to your store after visiting your website or subscribing to your lists, it is advisable to upgrade your website. You should also publish informative articles about your products and services on your website to generate leads. With quality web content, you can make more sales to customers who found you through your site.

3. Your Site Is Too Old

Technology advances as time goes by and that is why web features need updates. If your website has outdated features that make it hard for customers to maneuver through your site, it’s time for a change. The use of more words than images, big fonts, and dull colors need to be changed.  Stay up to date with the latest visual and technological trends and ensure your site loads fast.

4. Your Business Goal Has Changed

It is common for business goals or branding to change. If you have adjusted your business goal, you also need to change your website to align with your current goal. Ensure that everything on the site represents your existing brand. This includes slogans, logo, and signature colors.

5. You Are Using Outdated Plugins

Plugins are essential for the adequate performance of your site, but they can adversely affect your business. For example, modern browsers do not support Flash. If you are using it for animated elements, you are disadvantaged. Also, outdated plugins are highly susceptible to hacks and security threats. It is crucial to use updated plugins at all times.

The web design of your website is vital for its performance. This guide can help you figure out when it’s time to update your website to boost your business.