Nowadays a favorable online reputation is integral to the success of many businesses. Statistics demonstrate that a vast majority of potential customers trust the assessments of online reviews and compare them when deciding where to go to obtain the products and services they need. Positive reviews will draw in new customers and keep current clients coming back, while negative reviews will cause you to lose business. Here are some strategies to help you boost your company’s online reputation.

Request Reviews From Customers

If your business is not receiving enough reviews, or if the few reviews you do receive tend to be from disgruntled customers, ask satisfied clients to post reviews of your company. After you have concluded your business with a customer, it’s easy to see if that person is satisfied with your products or services. If you perceive that they are, ask them to write their reaction on a review site. On the other hand, if you can intuit that your client is upset, do your best to address their concerns immediately so that they don’t feel compelled to go to a review site and voice their dissatisfaction in public. However, don’t ever incentivize reviews, which are deceptive and sometimes illegal.

Use Feedback to Improve

When customers use online reviews to express concern about various facets of your company, make use of this feedback to improve your business. Analyze the comments that people have left and see if there are patterns in them. Perhaps several customers have reported that your prices are high, that there are long waits for service, or that some of your employees are inconsiderate. Improving in these areas won’t help with past reviews, but it will help future reviews be more positive.

Use an Automated System to Solicit Reviews

Potential customers tend to pay the most attention to recent reviews. To keep a steady stream of positive comments about your business flowing onto online review websites, use an automated system such as ReputationStacker. This service sends positive reviews to the appropriate sites and expressions of dissatisfaction back to you so you can deal with the complaints.