SEO has, undoubtedly, change a lot. In 2013, Google released its Hummingbird algorithm, the first, to interpret what customer’s intent behind the search and this notion of intent is the foundation for what we know the call, “semantic search” and semantic SEO. It comes with a lot of benefits, here are the top three.

1. Quality 

Previously SEOs would jam pack articles and content with keywords and whether or not those keywords matched the content, it was irrelevant. With the Hummingbird update, search results ranked based on intent. In order to be ranked higher, content writers would have to produce high-quality content, spending more time on research and actually solving the user’s problem. The content would also have to be presented in a way that was easy to read and fully understand.

2. Experience

Semantic SEO searches provide a better experience for users. It makes searching easier, more intuitive and more efficient. Instead of needing to know to perfectly say what they’re searching for, users can give a general sense of what they want and still get the results they were looking for. This creates a much more peaceful, uniformed, experience where the search engine, Google, and the user are working together to find what they need.

This algorithm uses “rich answers” which displays relevant information on websites in the search engine pages without users having to visit the sites. It’s designed to keep users from feeling like they’re wasting their time so that they continue to use the search engine.

3. Flexibility

Because the search engine is no longer a keyword base, SEOs have more flexibility in their content. Companies can focus on serving and helping their customers instead of worrying about, or spending money on, keywords and keyword research in order to rank high in the search results. This allows businesses and SEOs who write their content to work together harmoniously in developing a marketing plan and strategy for their company.

Quality and ease of use is always the goal for users and the Hummingbird algorithm is a step in the right direction.