In the digital advertising realm, content is king, right? The answer is a firm “yes…but…” That’s because the push to churn out as much content as possible and constantly bombarding audiences with more, blogs, videos, and social ads than they can possibly absorb can do more harm than good. Here are some specific reasons why you need to avoid generating too much, and what to focus on instead.

Redundant Content Confuses Audiences

If you’re in a rush to constantly provide content, you run the risk of repeating yourself. While this isn’t the greatest content marketing sin in the world, it will confuse your audience. They may think that they’ve already read or seen what you’re presenting and choose to skip it. Worse, they may think that you’re covering old territory because you have nothing new to say and stop following you. If you don’t have fresh, useful information to share, wait until you do.

Diminishing Returns are Real

The law of diminishing returns works something like this: you just drank a milkshake and loved it. So, you order a second one. About halfway through, you think “this is good, but not as good as the first one.” Maybe you finish it and decide to get a third, only to get a few sips in and find that disappointment (and a tummy-ache) have set in. The same goes for content. If someone discovers you and falls in love with what you’re putting out, they may be overwhelmed if you try to feed them more than they can eat. Solutions to this problem include keeping a very organized archive for easy access and avoiding sending out too many push notifications.

You Must Monitor and Update Evergreen Content

Some of your content may seem evergreen when you post it, but in this fast-moving world, very little information is relevant, pertinent, or even correct forever. You don’t want someone using your work to get and apply old information and blame you later. This means you must monitor, revise, or remove dated content. Obviously, the more of this you have, the harder that is.

Quality Beats Quantity

Lastly, the adage that quality beats quantity is true. If you put great content out to the web, others will share it, backlink to it, and consume it. Take the time to put out the best stuff you can, and don’t set arbitrary daily or weekly goals.

More is not necessarily better. But “better” is always good!